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Celebrating excellence

The Ismail family went out to Red Robin for a special lunch in honor of Chardie and Brie. We wanted to celebrate their excellent report cards. They both got all A's and 1 B. Brie's one B was a 92 (an A is a 93) so she was very annoyed. Chardie was expecting to have 3 B's with how tough her college level classes are in combination with the volleyball season. She was able to pull it off and she currently ranks #4 in her sophomore class. We are so proud of both girls for being such diligent students and all around sweet girls. Now we can't leave little William out, he is doing a great job with his "school" time at home. He is making great strides daily and we are very proud of him. Here are a few photos of our lunch out...

Dwayne took this photo (the reason why he is not in it). I love these 3 sweet children!
Brie did not want to be in this picture because Daddy was being aggravating. The girls warned him before entering the restaurant- NO talking, NO foolishness, NO singing, NO drawing attention to any of us. Of course he broke at least 3 of these rules!!
We seldom go out to sit-down establishments to eat but this was a pleasant experience. William really behaved well and enjoyed his 'bottomless' fries!

If you have never had a burger from Red Robin I would recommend the Mt. Olympus Burger. It was divine!!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Chardie and Brie,
    Congratulations on a job well done!
    Great Family Photos!
    LOL at them putting Dwayne on restriction!

  2. That is wonderful that the girls are so on top of their grades. I know you all must be so proud!!!! Great job!!!!

    I love the family outing pics - how fun!!!! So glad you all are able to all sit down and eat together, peacefully. I'll be glad when we have those days back. lol

  3. Great job girls, on both your volleyball season and your grades. Keep it up! William included, of course :)

    Love the pictures you are all so beautiful and handsome.

  4. That's wonderful about their grades! You have to be very proud! :) The family is just adorable and you all make me smile so big to see you enjoying each other.

    I don't know HOW you can finish a Red Robin burger! hahah I went there twice and both times I have never been able to eat more than 1/2...!

  5. Congrats to Chardie and Brie on doing such a wonderful job. Keep up the good work young ladies.

  6. A "real life" Cosby family. Greatly admired, a family held together like glue.

    Blessed, indeed.

  7. Congrats to your Wonderful girls! I do think the firm family foundation you all have established has a lot to do with it! So congrats to you and your hubby too.

  8. Congrats Chardie and Brie! Way to go with the hard work and great grades.

    Glad to hear William is doing so well too.


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