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WTH? Wednesday

I am going to get things kicked off by saying WTH is wrong with Bishop Eddie Long and the bathroom pics? WHY?? First off all I am not and never will be a fan of bathroom mirror pics. You are pastor and older than me (not to mention a man) and you are doing this?! UGH!! Next up, I took Dwayne to the office supply store and I was waiting in the car with William so he could get the item he needed...There was a worker out front smoking a cigarette and she was striking up a conversation with a customer. The subject was smoking. She was complaining about the fact that she has some problems with her health, specifically her lungs. She said that she is 30 and really needs to quit smoking. All this as she deeply puffed on her death stick. Smart, real smart. Oh and if you read my WTH Wednesday posts please don't go getting all bent out of shape and taking my foolery all serious. This is a fun post so chill okay? Maybe I need to put out a disclaimer or something. Well that's all I have right now because there are some things I really can't say on my blog ( I hate censoring myself). So now it's your turn to share your WTH moment of the week....

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. WTH?!! Why won't Eddie Long use some key phrases like: I'm innocent. I didn't do any of it. He just keeps saying he's going to fight it. WTH? I'm not judging nor too much interested in the issue as it's deplorable...but those are key phrases for any accused. I'm just SAYIN'!

  2. know my thoughts on that topic. So I will just say, YUP,YUP! :-)

  3. lol @ death stick

    K, here are mine:

    WTH is up with my Nutella addiction? Thanks Shelly - you know I blame you! >:/ lol

    WTH is up with companies sending products to ME to mail to my giveaway winner? Why am I paying for postage on this again...?

    WTH is up with how fast my maternity leave is passing by. Gosh, can't believe I'll be putting this sweet baby in day care so soon. *sigh* So hard....

  4. Love following your blog, Sheliza!

    I gave you a Lovely Blog Award! Come to my site and pick it up. :)

  5. I had kinda heard the rumors about Eddie Long when I lived in ATL, but didn't really pay too much attention.

    Pretty soon it's going to be hard to trust any preacher. So many are involved in some rather sick things.


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