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WTH? Wednesday

Wow, so many WTH moments recently, where do I begin?

~ WTH is up with high school kids wearing Dora the Explorer and Yo Gabba Gabba backpacks that are preschool size? I have seen football players do this. WOW.
~ Also WTH is up with the school fundraisers? Remember when they used to sell candy bars? Ah the good ole days. Now they have to sell $25 cakes. Who in life is spending $25 on a cake living in a recession? Speaking of fundraisers...please, don't ask me to buy crap from your kids and I won't ask you to buy from mine. Deal? I think sometimes it's just better to stroke a check and be done.
~What's up with all the users out there? They sure know how to find your number to call or text when they need something don't they? Pulease. Don't even start that crap about "I was just thinking about you"
~ I really wish my little boy would stop being so darn cute when he gets in trouble. That smile is lethal. Makes me crazy.
~ WTH is up with people trying to sound intelligent but can't spell worth a lick? And on the spelling subject please take note that these are not words.... mkay, gud, wat, werd and I can go on for days. If you are an adult you really need to cut it out. Seriously.

Okay, I'm done for now. Please share your WTH moments in the comments...

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. LOL!!! I work at a coffee shop, so I've yet to see a Yo Gabba Gabba backpack. If I do, I'll be sure to find out what they were thinking...if they were. :)
    My WTH came when I got to work Sat night, and walked in on a table full (8+) of grown men (college age and older) playing 'Magick' like it was a poker tournament. Maybe I'm too old, or not old enough, because I vividly remember my little brother playing Magick, when he was like 12! WTH??

  2. That backpack shit is weird.

  3. Man, I've been hit up 4 times just this week to buy stuff. Seriously? Cookie dough, pretzel twists, cakes, pieces, frozen pot roast pockets (ick!) and NOTHING in any of the catalogs has been less than $18. I'm D.O.N.E.

  4. *gasp* Please tell me you're joking about high school students (and football players to boot!!!) wearing tiny, kids bookbags. Omg, how tacky is that!!! Sheesh, I guess anything goes these days. *smh*

    Haha, yeah, all of my co-workers are always hitting me up with their kids fundraiser stuff. I always support, but I warn them that when Chase enters school its gonna be payback time! And I told them they BETTER support me too, after all my money they've gotten. :-)

    I'll come back if I think of my own WTH moments!

  5. too funny! i just wrote a check for some raggedy discount books. i bought ONE book. hey, if you sell ONE item you will get a prize so that's the most expensive bag of balloons (prize) that I've spent in a long time. *sigh*
    $25 cakes? I wonder if they're BOX cakes. LOL


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