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Why is it so difficult?

These days little William is a chatterbox. It's so much fun listening to all the new words he adds to his vocabulary daily. You can ask him to say and word and he will do his best to say it. He says everything from all the names of his family members, fruits and food items, toys, book titles and so much more. Why is it when we ask him to say William he freezes up? He knows his name but refuses to say it. I don't get it! He refers to himself as "I Baby". Here I was thinking that naming him William would be simple and turns out it is really hard for him!

Have you ever been through this with your toddler or know anyone that has? What the heck do you do?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. lol, that is too cute. chase does that with bryce. he knows his name, but refuses to call him that. he will just refer to him as baby (pronounced "Bay-baby" with tongue sticking out). I guess William will start saying his name in his own time!


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