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Sibling Rivalry?

Since the girls have started back school William has discovered a new playmate (although he has always been around). Will has found a whole lot of entertainment from our family pet, Milo. Milo does not exactly care for the attention he is getting from his little brother. William takes anything from toys to plastic containers and places them on top of Milo's back and head and laughs so hard. Poor Milo takes the abuse and tries to escape to anyplace away from William.

See the rope bone on Milo's back? haha, you should see when there are like 3 toys at once on top of him. Poor dog. As William says to Milo-- "Come on Wi-wo" Little Milo is stuck with William for a very long time. Get used to the abuse.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Hahaha Poor Milo. I like his name too. Look at the look on Milo's face. :-)

  2. LOL! Jay loves him some doggie's too, but it will be a while before we get him one. Can't have pets in this place.

  3. William and Milo would get along great with Gabe and Jack.

  4. LOL!!! @ the title of this post. Toddlers sure do love their dogs!!! You know, I didnt even realize you all had a puppy - so lucky! Even if we did move from our apartment to a house, I doubt Derek would ever agree to us getting one.

    I love the pic of William petting Milo all sweetly and gently - and then the one with the rope on his back. LOL!!! Too funny!


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