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I have not been posting very much lately so I thought I would share a couple random photos I have taken over the past several days. This one would have been cuter if the kid had his eyes open and his feet on the ground. The moment he sees the camera coming he takes it as his cue to act a fool.
I started some hot pepper seeds in an egg carton and transferred them into my makeshift plant pots made from milk bottles (see I can be green sometimes). I am not sure how big I should let them get before planting them into big containers. Advice anyone? Kristin will probably know :)

We have been doing a whole lot of this. William has a new song called "read". I consists of only the word read and it goes to the tune of "Happy Birthday to you".... read read read, read read read... read read read, read read read (you get the idea)

So how's that for random bits? Please share something random with me...
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  1. SO cute. Can't think of anything random right now.

  2. William is too cute in that first pic, eyes closed and all! Love the "Read" song!!! He could be chanting "TV TV TV!!!" LOL

    Way to go green! We seriously need to get better with that (lol).

    Hmmmm, random...... Totally annoyed that I just spent $30 to put on my Verizon broadband cable that I keep for emergencies, cuz our internet has been off intermittently for the past several days. And just a few minutes after I spent the money..... the house internet is back on and with the strongest signal ever! Grrrr! I hate feeling like i wasted money.

  3. I would give them a week or two in the current containers. Just a heads up...peppers take a LONG time to grow...usually at least 60 days.

  4. 60 days to GROW!!!!! I AM HUNGRY NOW! :-)

    See, I knew Kristin would know what to do!


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