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I was listening/watching a segment on one of the big network news channels yesterday while I was doing a few random things in the house. The show was about Baby Boomers and there were a bunch of interviews with some of those Baby Boomers talking about life back in the 60's on into the present. Some of these older folks had lots of money and did a lot in their time. One lady said something that really made so much sense. She said something along the lines about how in this day we think we are supposed to pack up our SUV's and drive across the state just to watch a soccer game. She then went on to say, what's wrong with playing soccer in the backyard? One gentleman was making a hearty 6 figure income and has been on the job hunt for 2 years. He has come up with nothing. He was even more than happy to take a job that would pay 1/4 of his past income. Still nothing. The Baby Boomers all came to one conclusion- We need to go back to the ways of our parents. The simpler times where community togetherness matters, where kids did not have to be involved in so many different activities at once and realizing that you don't need all that "stuff" you are lead to believe you should have.

Simple living. It really is a great thing.
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  1. great post. i agree. if you love what you do for a living, the place you live and the people you live there with, everything else is just details.

  2. So true. And thanks for the reminder... I think many of us have lost touch with that!

  3. Waves hands in the air! I was watching Cedric's Urban Circus the other day. He said back in the day, they didn't have Wii and what not. He said when WE got bored WE took our butts outside, lol. I think about the times my mother grew up in. How easy it was to own your own business and how cheap things were. My grandmother birthed 10 kids, grandfather had a cleaners and candy truck. They were able to have a house built. They wore hand me downs and things people didn't pick up from the cleaners. They had a blast playing outside and listening to music. They did each other's hair and made their own clothes. They got creative and it was OK.

  4. Simple living is the best living. I can remember my grandmother would put our butts out of the house as soon as we finished our chores. We would play outside in our yard until we were too tired to move. Then for lunch we would sit out on the steps, and have a tuna sandwich, followed by a glass of red Kool-Aid! Those were the days. We didn't need all those "things" people think they need now to keep us occupied and happy.


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