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Why does my husband do these things?

Why in the world does my husband make up his remix version of every song on the radio and swear it will be a number one hit? He changes the words to some foolishness on some wacky level and then has the audacity to do it in his T-Pain voice. Really? What in creation!? PLEASE please please somebody tell me that their husband does this too. Don't make me feel alone!!! I would share some of his versions of his songs but I have dignity and an image to upkeep ;-)
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. My husband warps and twists EVERY song out there including the ones from children's shows. My ummmm, errrr favorite is the warped version of the Dora the Explorer song which talks about Dora trying to sneak across the border.

  2. too funny! my husband breaks out into an old school dance for no reason at all. the running man is his favorite!

  3. Ha! Dwayne is too funny! I wish I could hear one of his songs done in his T-Pain voice. My husband isn't the one who chops the words in is I. I will go hide now:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. Too funny.

    Yes. I am similar in adding and subtracting words to coincide with a particular mood. It just depends. As you know, it speaks of an overall happiness and joy. It's been so long since I have heard T-Pain's voice though. But I cannot say that I remember enjoying it too much.

  5. How about if they don't know the sone at all. Mari just mumbles his way through the song

  6. lmao!!! dwayne is hilarious! he must keep you in stiches all the time!


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