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I was lied to

I wanted to say that to all of you who said that raising boys are easier LIED. I just can't see it that way. My girls have been a breath of fresh air. The boy has made my hair get even more gray. I have been told that diapering a boy is easier. REALLY?? If I could get him to stop trying to escape then maybe I can find the answer to that one. I tell him to stop. Apparently this means GO GO GO! I say no, he feels like I said yes. I talk, yell, scream and almost want to cry and it only makes him more out of control. I have had people say that girls = drama. Not the case here. Boys are hard. Very hard. The next time anyone tells me that boys are easy, I will offer for them to follow me around for a few hours.
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Gotta agree with you. I have 2 boys (5 & 7) and a little girl (9 months). She's been easier.

  2. Me...follow me around too! My boys would prove them wrong in two seconds flat. Have them hovering in a corner crying, I tell you. My girls are easy breezy. I love them all though:)

    Hug and Mocha,

  3. There is a reason people look like you have done something miraculous when you tell them you have 3 boys. Boys are freaking hard.

  4. Ha! I hear that all the time too and I say, take my son for a few hours, PLEASE! Love his little bad butt!

  5. Oh just wait til he's about 13!! Then he'll lie about homework, chores, showering, etc. LOL

  6. It was best explained to me (a mother of two boys) this way. Boys are high energy you just have to keep up with them and stay over or on top of them, you dont have to "figure" them out. They just say. example: Q.what do you want to drink? A.cherry kool-aid. Girls-you have to figure them out, read thier minds, flow with thier emotions, "get them", enjoy drama and tears and all thier fears! example: Q. What do you want to drink? A. (sigh) I dont know Mom, I am not real thirsty, come to think of it I dont want anything, life sucks, Joe broke up with me (tears)running towards bedroom...

    Why god bless me with BOYS!

  7. I know what you mean. I have a busy body on my hands too and he literally makes me wanna bind his hands and feet together.

  8. Don't feel bad - I was lied to as well. My son is the complete opposite of my daughter. I was aware that my kids wouldn't be the same and that they would have different personalities but my son is a FULL TIME JOB!

    My son gets out of his diaper all the time and always wants to be naked. Trying to to change his diaper is a wrestling match. He eats SO much and with the running and screaming that he does, I can understand how he's buring off so many calories.

    I've heard of "Terrible Twos" but what do you call it when they're one? My guess out be Outragious Ones!

  9. Yes, Chase is at that "fighting getting his diaper changed too." I've sometimes had to actually use the changing table safety belt to restrain him when he really gets in that rambunctious mood. Omg, boys are a handful.... at least at this age! Maybe the "easy" part folks are talking about happens when they get older, beyond the Terrible Ones/Twos/Threes?

  10. Boys are PERFECT!
    *running out of the door before lightening strikes*


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