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Stay hydrated

It's summertime and this means warmer temps. Of course despite the hotter days you should always stay well hydrated. My daughters and I have started a bit of a water drinking competition. Each night we "brag" about how much water we drank over the course of the day and declare the unofficial winner. I was the loser yesterday so I have to get to it today. Hey, whatever works right? I have noticed that nobody seems to be drinking very much of anything else. Can't beat that!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. It's hot out there alright. I find myself drinking tons of water lately; and I think to myself, without it I would dry up and fall out.

  2. It was 96 degrees here today. I bought the kids some water bottles, so they can have ice cold water, when we're on the go!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. Good Luck today. I love it when the kids like drinking water. I've started recycling spaghetti jars. They're are great for a cold glass of water. I use the top when i'm on the patio to keep the bugs out. Stay cool.

  4. That's wonderful - so fun to make it a friendly competition!

    I typically hate to drink water, which is unfortunate since i know how important it is, and esp. for expecting women. I'm proud of myself though, because today it hit 92 degrees and I def drank more than I have in a LONG time.


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