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May 1, 2010

Denial and pure randomness

Do you ever have so much housework to do that you feel like you are in complete denial about it? I have put all of this on myself by rearranging too many rooms at one time. I am also spring cleaning so I keep finding all kinds of crap everywhere. I did discover a huge box of summer clothes for William that I did not know we had. I am so happy about that since I thought I was going to have to buy everything. I love hand-me-downs! It is so humid out and the weather report claims we will get rain. I am sort of hoping it pours and gets it all over with already. My laundry is mountainous since I found all these clothes that were hidden. I can't have my boy wearing dusty clothes. I am writing this post because I am taking a break. Now off to sign onto Facebook to play a few rounds of Bejeweled Blitz ;) I hope you all are having a great weekend.
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. LOL! We have boxes of Jay's old clothes that we're saving for hand me downs, only we're running out of room in his closet! We need to move the boxes to the attic.

  2. I have a ton of housework to do to. I hope that if I ignore it long enough it will just go away and live somewhere else. HAHA.

  3. The story of my life. I am putting off a lot of things I need to do. I am going to scream when it's time to do it.

  4. I just did the first load of 5 loads of laundry. It sucks.

  5. This past weekend I was finally able to tackle the disaster area that I call my home. But my truck, that's another story. I am so glad that I don't have anyone who rides in the passenger side because they would have absolutely no where to sit. Amid the chick fil a and Mcdonald's bags, newspapers and other crap- there's literally no space for anyone to sit in my passenger seat. And you don't want to know about my trunk. No, I won't even begin to tell you.

  6. Too funny @ Now off to sign onto Facebook to play a few rounds of Bejeweled Blitz


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