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Not your average teenagers

Our family went away to Atlanta for the weekend for a little R&R. We packed up the car and the kids and were off on a road trip! We ate out a few times which is rare for us so it was nice to not have too cook and clean. The girls were thrilled to hang out with their cousins and William just wanted to run wild. As long as he was outside, he was happy! Dwayne and his uncle Mike took all the teenagers shopping. Since my kids were the guests they let them pick where they wanted to go. Of course the junior Shellys wanted to go to Kohl's. They were gone for a few hours so this was a good time for Willie to come down from all the physical activity he participated in ALL day. He was fed and bathed and very calm. The kids finally returned and my girls walked up to me (Kohl's bag in hand). I figured they convinced Dwayne to buy them something. Turns out I was completely wrong. They handed me the bag and told me it was for me and to open it up and see what I got. I was really surprised and said that they should not have done it and they insisted that for all I do for them I deserve something nice. I got a shirt that I wanted, black flip-flops and a couple undies. All of the sizes were exact but the part that made proud was that they bought everything on sale or clearance. Also they used their own money. Dwayne offered to pay for it or even reimburse them but they would not take the money. They wanted to do this for me. Words can't express how special that made me feel and how proud I am of how they did something so selfless. What sweet girls and not your average teenagers. I know they will be great wives and mommas some day ...many, many years from now!!) I LOVE MY DAUGHTERS SO VERY MUCH!!!
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  1. Awwww! That was sooo wonderful of them!!!!

  2. That was soooooo sweet!!!!!! What a beautiful thing for them to do!

  3. You have wonderful daughters.

  4. What they did says something extremely positive about not only them but there parents as well. Sweet girls!

  5. This post made me tear up. You have some wonderful girls. Considerate and thoughtful...just like their mama!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. Sounds like it warmed your heart @ Words can't express how special that made me feel and how proud I am of how they did something so selfless.

    Good deal.

  7. SO Sweet! They are the sweetest girls ever. I love hearing their voices. They are so respectful nice and they have a great sense of humor. That's a PLUS!!!


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