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Men in Pink

Last year I purchased Dwayne a spring suit during the off-season for a deal you could not beat. He wanted to wear it to a recent speaking engagement but I told him he needed the right tie. We went out to shop for one and I already knew before we even walked into the store what I would love for him to get. It was between mint green and rose pink. He fought me down like you would not believe. PINK???? On a manly man?? Oh he was not having it. I was able to get him to consider a fun blue and he grabbed the pink just to shut me up. He then proceeds to walk up to the side entrance near the men's department to ask the lady working in that area what her choice would be between the blue and the pink. Without even giving it a second she instantly blurted out "pink!" There were some other ladies in the area making purchases and they all agreed that pink would look good on him. He was mad but the votes were unanimous. Now how in the world does he come home to try the tie on with the suit and suddenly he started to suck in his gut and poke his chest out. He then stares at himself in the mirror as if he was saying "Damn, I'm fine". It turns out that he loves the tie and I am sure he really loved all the compliments he received from all the ladies. MEN!!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. That pink tie looks GREAT on Dwayne, it really does! I'm glad he decided to go with it!!!! Go Dwayne!!

    I, too, love when Derek wears a pink tie with his suits to work - so cute!!!! ;-)

  2. Have to agree, pink looks good on him! :) Not sure if I could convince my hubby to give it a try though...

  3. It really does look great on him.

  4. Looking good cuz, but thanks to my cuz.
    "at the side of every good man, there is a great woman" go shelly (sorry it's the 20th century we don't stand behind. We stand at the side of the man,as an equal)

  5. I always say it takes a real man to wear pink.
    Tell Dwayne I said the tie looks good on him. Mari has a pink button down he wear occasionally and he loves it.

  6. As usual Shelly you are right on, the manly man looks awesome hear that Dwayne you do look awesome

  7. Gotta admit, I am not a fan of pink on men, but some men can pull it off. He looks good in that pink tie!

  8. haha tell your man, from one manly man to another, that i was the same way until my wife also changed my thinking.

    now i have shirts that are pink as well as pants.

    haha gotcha on the pants thing ; )

  9. WOW. He looks great! There was a guy wearing a shirt that stated "Real Men Wear Pink." I thought it was cool, my husband decided the guy was fruity. sigh. My dad has been known to wear a little pink in his choice of shirts. Not once have I ever heard him complain about wearing the color.

  10. Looks great!

    Btw, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown wears pink ties:
    "Sporting what is fast becoming his campaign trademark, GB wore a rose-petal pink tie, which – if you haven't already noted – rather complements his hair. "
    - GB opted for a pastel pink tie with sky blue shirt. Pastel colours are on trend this season and Brown's move was smart: pink smacks of having been chosen by a style committee. Pink is a sartorial dog whistle to middle-ranking office workers who all have pink in their wardrobes. It says: "I'm one of you."
    "They may all have been dressed in similar dark suits – but the debate revealed the distinctive styles of the leaders. Gordon Brown, in pink tie and blue shirt, was statesmanlike. "


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