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Feb 20, 2010

How to prounounce Ismail

For those of you who wonder how you pronounce our last name it is Ismail (Iz-mail). I tell people it's like email except it has the word Is in front instead of E. Seems simple enough yet everyone finds a way to add and H in there. If we wanted the our name to have the H sound it would be spelled Ishmail. Make sense? Also the 'mail' part is pronounced just the way it's spelled, not mall. Just wanted to clear that up in the event you ever wanted to know ;-)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Yep I've been walking around saying Call me Ishmail. You caught me.

  2. Hahaha I love it! Well we have to deal with people adding an "s" to our last name for some unknown reason. Not sure why. I don't even correct them anymore AND why is my name so hard to pronounce? I tell everyone it's like Natasha without the "N". They still don't get it. Something throws them off

    What yuh goin' to do eh?

  3. So how do you pronounce Sheliza?

  4. You should hear the way people mangle our last name. It looks laughably simple but people still fug it up.

  5. LOL! That's right put them in their place and make them get it right!!

  6. Our last name gets so mangled that whenever we go out we use my simple maiden name for reservations and whatnot. They add letters, mispronounce repeatedly, capitalize where it's not's ridiculous. Ismail's an easy name - how can people screw that up?

  7. OOPs! Guilty as charged.
    While we're at it, please tell people Noble (as in Barnes and Noble) doesn't have the letter S at the end of Noble. LOL

  8. Ismail is my first name, at least on paper. Typically speaking, I end up being called "Ishmael" by English speakers. That really grates my nerves to hear, where did the "h" sound come from in Ismail? These are so-called intellectuals who fall into this error. In order to preserve the integrity of the name, I only use it with Arabic speakers and otherwise go by "Izzy/Sam/Sammy or Melito". I don't allow my religious name to be trangressed so casually.


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