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I'm not ready give it up yet

There are some items that parents believe to be a must with babies. Granted William is no longer a baby but now a toddler, there is still use for certain thing right? For instance, you still use the carseat, stroller, playpen and several other things. The one thing I still use is the changing table. Most people think it's a waste but I LOVE it. I had one that I used for both girls and bought one when I was expecting William. I love being able to store and organize his diapers, wipes, powder and all kinds of bath related and miscellaneous items. It has been the most useful piece of equipment we purchased.

Now what do you do when it gets to this point?

Man, I just don't want to get rid of this just yet! Will has outgrown this changing table by a couple inches. Y'all better not be making fun of me :P


  1. just saw off the sides around the top, then his feet can hang over and you can use it till he's potty trained! haha.

  2. pascha Dudley1/14/2010 8:15 AM

    LMBO, look at that picture! William looks like he's in high school. Put the changing table in a closet and continue to use for storage. lololol, Shelly! lol

  3. Pascha is too funny. I never used a changing table (separately). M has one of those dressers that you can put a changing table pad w/ belt on top and of course store necessities in the cabinet below or I would use the long bathroom counter. I just wanted something all purpose instead of another piece of furniture. I never used powder/oils on him and he never had a diaper rash. A Dr had told me that it can irritate the skin or cause allergic reaction plus my mom said I ate powder as a kid and almost chocked so. You can use it for toys or to stack shoes on, folding table, book rack, use in the bathroom to stack towels, t/p or in the garage.

  4. Don't know what to tell you because I NEVER had a changing table.

  5. I won't long as you don't laugh about ari using utensils while nursing. ;)

    But seriously, it is hard to say goodbye to the baby stuff. Which is why you tell Dwayne to put it in the basement for you. Outta sight, outta mind...

  6. That is a funny pic. Your son is chiilin' like he's underneath shade and laid back on the Cayman Islands.

  7. I love your blog. You little man is a darling too!

  8. wait!!!! i totally forgot to look for the changing table. LOL! do you still have it? if so, i saw on pinterst how this lady transformed the changing table into a little work station for her kids. it was the cutest idea! :)


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