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Dec 17, 2009

Where is the "physical" in Physical Education?

Before anyone gets all huffy thinking I am about to bash the school system you can chill. I stand by my Public School System 100% by staying involved and encouraging my children to take full advantage of their education. I do however have a bit of an issue with the area of physical education. Remember years ago when we had to go to P.E. we had to dress out and be prepared to do physical activity for a good solid hour? Remember playing kickball, football, basketball, rope climbing, tumbling and all the other great stuff you did? Okay, I admit I have never been the top PE student but I do know that we had to participate in different physical activities.

This school year my high schooler has been telling me how PE has been a joke. I am thinking she is exaggerating and is going off of what all the other students who previously took that class were saying. It turns out that there are several days in the week that they are given free-play time (with lots of limitations), computer time or TV time. This really shocked me! I know that there are bad weather days but come on there are always alternatives of things that can be done. I feel like video games and TV have encouraged our youth to be lazy and physically unproductive. I'm really not sure if it is a high school thing or not. It seems like the girls did so much more in the elementary and middle school years in PE class. I would love to see the physical part of physical education to come back!


  1. My oldest does enough of that at home. I have to kick him out the house. Out of my four he's also the only one that can be considered overweight, like a lot of kids these days.

    If physical education isn't physical then what is it? Xbox101? Anatomy of PS3? WiiConomics?

    I'm with you. The real physical education needs to return.


  2. I don't know what it is like in high school but I know the elementary schoolers in our area still usually get a good work out.

  3. Video games in PE? Are you serious? That is sad...

    Even in high school we had to do jupmping jacks, push ups, run laps, etc. evey day as a warm up!

  4. My daughter said they barely played in gym when she was in high school. She is now 19 and I remember thinking how we had to do all kinds of stuff.

  5. FREE play and Computer time during PE? WHAT!!! That's just crazy.

    I remember PE consisted of a rope with knots and you had to make it up to the top and back down BEFORE you could run laps. As if running laps was something to look forward to. Yes, times have changed because I remember the one piece gym uniforms with the elastic at the thighs. OK, I'm dating myself but, yes those were the days.

  6. Here where I live my son only gets PE once a month. Physical Ed classes are a joke these days.


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