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Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this very special holiday edition of Vent day Wednesday! We really hope you enjoy this wacky video and look forward to reading your comments. HO HO HO!



  1. ahhh Christmas! when I was younger we always got this huge basket at Christmas filled with sausage, crachers, cheeses and jellies...I loved getting it! However, I know ours wasn't regifted because it was delivered =) lol

    here's my "no no's!" of Christmas - 1)if you are going to buy me something CHEAP...make sure it's something I can USE, not something that's gonna sit on my shelf and collect dust! (what not's from "the store") 2) don't give me something you have sitting around your house (I actually got some candle holders last year with wax still smeared all on the inside) 3) don't bring guests to the family Christmas where we're exchanging's an uncomfortable feeling to have that ONE person not receiving a gift! (and I'm tired of my grandma sending my mom and aunt to the store to buy "something" for them so they don't feel left out" 4) do NOT let your kids run wild in my mamas house...not at Christmas, not ever. 5) if your "boyfriend" couldn't make it to our family Christmas...then you are NOT allowed to take him a plate! if he can't be sociable, he can not eat all the food we've slaved over (besides, we're still cleaning up the mess your kids made!) 6) do not walk in the house as a guest and take control of the remote (I have it on the Christmas Parade for a reason, I don't care about the sports highlights at this current moment) 7) don't bring a pie and then when you leave, take it back with you (that was my favorite kind of pie and I just can't eat dessert immediately after eating my dinner, so I was looking forward to it later...besides it's just rude!) ok, I know I have so much more to say but I gotta get ready for Alex's ceremony at school...besides it'll give me time to cool down! haha. I'll be back =)

  2. First off, thank you for wearing the hat. I feel LOVED! :)
    This list was a great list. I had NO idea taking a plate home was tacky. Goodness, your sister has been talked about at many an event huh? Ok, starting this time around, I will NOT be doing that anymore! LOL

    I know good and well that was NOT egg nog up in that glass EEVAH! ahhahaaa. It's the holidays, enjoy your time together. You're my favorite family.

    Wait!!! Did he just quote Lil Wayne at the end? I am DONE!

  3. Melissa is cracking me. She feels some type of way!!!! LOL Merry Christmas!!!

  4. After wearing that hat your street cred is tattered. See, I can use it in a sentence!

    My huge freaking no-no is about my siblings. Do not brag about what you got your spouses parents and then send NOTHING to our parents. Not even a $.99 card. That's bullshit. This goes for Christmas, Mother and Father's Day and their birthdays. Cheap bastards. Even if I am broke I make sure they get SOMETHING!

  5. Dwayne, your street cred is so far gone that even the tatters have tatters. Thanks for wearing the hat though. It looks adorable.

    Bwahahaha, when Gabe heard you mention Ms. Pacman, he came running over.


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