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Let's talk diapers

I have been encountering a big problem with William's diapers during the overnight hours. Leaks. Not nice at all. This requires me to wash sheets, blankets and mattress covers daily and it is getting old. I have tried all of the most expensive and premium diapers including Huggies, Pampers and Luvs. They all failed me. Even the ones made for overnight protection just would not cut it. I have even refrained from giving the boy any liquids past 6:30 to see if that would help and nope, same thing.

I knew I had to figure something out. I decided to give the Kroger brand of diapers a try and I had nothing to lose at this point. Would you believe that a store brand diaper actually held up overnight? Seriously, it costs me an average of $3 less per convenience sized pack and it does the trick. I am thrilled and I really hope it lasts! I just thought I would share this information with you and please don't tell Dwayne, I did not receive any compensation for this post. Y'all know how Mr. Cheapie is about his endorsement dollars!! I would recommend these diapers to even the pickiest of moms :)


  1. Ok first off! I DESPISE huggies. As soon as a boy pees in them they STINK! I have found this is common with huggies! Pampers and Luvs both leaked with Bubba. I though holy cow what did they do with cloth diapers back then. I had to put bubba in OVERNIGHTS at nightime which are pricey to say the least but a package would last a month cause he only wore them at night. OTHERWISE I swear by TARGET diapers. I know dwayne may not like the "endorsement issue" but seriously they are the BEST diaper out there. No joke! Try them and they are CHEAP!

  2. Good News about the diapers.

    You already know my thoughts on this topic. LOL

  3. I used Kirkland Diapers for Presley up until she was 7 months. Then had to switch to Pampers due to the fact that every time she pooped they leaked. I'd much rather clean up a leaky pee diaper than oxyclean everything she was wearing and touching when she pooped. But like you I do love store brand diapers... they are the way to go

  4. Yes I believe it. My husband occasionally buys the Stater Bros, Ralphs and some other store brand diapers when he doesn't feel like going to Walmart for the LUVS that Tanyetta looooves so much hahaha. He won't deal with cloth. I think they are all made by the same company though. They look identical in the design.

    Anyway, I remember I had that problem with Christopher and had to buy inserts because nothing worked. He would be wet every single morning and even though it didn't affect his sleep I just thought to myself there was no way that could be comfortable


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