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Christmas cookie craziness!

The girls and I decided to make Christmas cookies this year. At first we were going to make the cookies from scratch but changed our minds since we had a dozen cakes to bake as well. I found some pre-cut sugar cookie dough at the store that was ready to bake. We also got a bunch of cookie icing and decorations. We sat for hours decorating some of the stupidest looking cookies ever but had such a blast doing it! We ate at least 6-8 as we decorated. We shared a lot of laughs and made a lot of mess. It was so much fun! I think we will make it a yearly tradition (not only during the holidays).

They look so pitiful!! hahaha!!!


  1. I think they look great!!! my friend and I are gettin our 4 boys together Friday to decorate cookies (I hope they're into it! lol) it's weird how simple things such as decorating cookies with your kids can create such lasting memories and bring on so many laughs.

    p.s. my favorite cookies are the round pink one and the green, yellow & white stocking (reminds me of John Deere) ;)

  2. Those look yummy! We are going to make our cookies this weekend when I have my son. I always look forward to cookie makin' time!

  3. I like them, especially the ones my boys would call "spiderman cookies"

  4. It isn't about how they look it is about the time spent together. . . cause the memories will be around long after the cookies.

    I will say those are some interesting designs.

  5. I usually don't, but I'm making homemade cookies this year. :)

  6. The best part was doing it with your family. The laughter and fun shared is the treasured part. Cookies are always fun!


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