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Nov 11, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. Be sure to leave your vents in the comments. Enjoy!



  1. at least your pens are all in ONE place! lol mine are everywhere! I consider Shelly "spoiled" for havin 3 junk and Dwayne, they're not really JUNK women like to call them misc. drawers =)

  2. gotta love the pookies and yes we all have em

  3. That's right don't send in an organizer. What is the purpose of organizing a junk box? LOL

    As always VDay is too funny. I heard Dwayne dropping a FREE endorsement. He better stop :)

  4. Dwayne - you have no sense! I am going to leave it at that. And Shelly, I am always looking for a pen, I think your box is a great idea!

  5. I may be out of line here, but it seems like Dwayne is kind of obsessed with junk in the drawers. Just sayin'.

  6. 3:03AM Hawaiian time and I am rolling. Dwayne is a nut LMAO! He had me jamming though ...Bobby was the junk back in the day , dont know what happened lol.
    Shelly can I borrow a pen lol?

  7. lol!!!! i loved this vent day wednesday! as always, you two just crack me up! :-) shelly, i love the idea of a pen box. i can never find a pen just when i need it, and this would totally alleviate the problem. lol, dwayne you are so silly!

    this was so cute!


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