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William updates

Master William is now 18 months old and is FULL of energy... he's a firecracker. He wants to climb most anything and never sits still. It's hard to take him to places that require sitting down for more than 10 minutes. I am sure some of you will comment and tell me that it does not get any better for a long time. Yes, I have noticed this in boys.

I decided to make a list of all the latest strange and cute things the boy is doing these days.
  • We attend both of his sisters volleyball games frequently. If you dare try to clap or cheer he will start to cry as if you were beating him. I have to remember NOT to cheer. It's hard.
  • William is teething and instead of biting on a toy or washcloth he prefers his hands. Yuck
  • He does not put things in his mouth like normal toddlers. He never really did that even as a baby.
  • His new thing he loves to do is find random items and bring them to me. His latest finds: a staple, paperclip, half a toothpick, thumbtack, dog fur, an electric outlet "safety" cover and a variety of tiny pieces of string or plastic. All of these are choking hazards and thankfully this is where the not putting anything in his mouth comes in really well.
  • He loves to do his dancie dance when watching Yo Gabba Gabba (so do I)
  • When he does something wrong and gets yelled at he comes up to my face and kisses me repeatedly. On the mouth.
  • William thinks he is my husband, he really does.
  • He loves to plow. Plow??? Yes plow. He takes his chair and pushes it around the house like a plow. He is really serious too when he is plowing! It's the funniest thing! He even knows how to maneuver his plow around tight corners.

Well I hope everyone is caught up on what the little guy is up to these days!


  1. that is too cute! my favorite is him kissing you when he's done something wrong. that is just too cute!

  2. I remember those toddler days. . .sigh

    I like the kissing you when he gets in trouble one too.

  3. Awww what a lovable little stinker! Boys can just melt our hearts when they those cute things when they get in trouble. Zilla did things like that, still does actually. Nae would just snub me. "How DARE you yell at me! I will ignore you until you're on your knees BEGGING me for forgiveness you HORRIBLE mom!"

    Side note: Nae is doing volleyball, too. She LOVES it! I can't wait to go to her first game!

  4. Hahaha Sheliza he is getting so big and he has charm! Kissing you when he's in trouble hehehe.. Christopher liked to plow, he still does.
    I wish Ashleigh had that "not putting anything in her mouth" thing. That's one reason I am always vacuuming. She is quick to pick up anything and chew on it. She will let you know if your house is clean/dirty because if there is something left behind she will find it. :-)

  5. I love this! He is getting soooo BIG! I seriously about died when I saw him, to me it seems like he just turned 1, and is a wobbling baby :(

    Jaimen was the same way with things in his mouth until he hit toddler stage, and he STILL puts everything in his mouth, including the shopping cart handle. Drives me nuts!
    He also used to bring me things he found on the floor, I was always so proud of my personal vacuum.

  6. He is so cute! And, he is all BOY! They are so much fun.


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