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Sep 1, 2009

William- update on speech

About a month ago I wrote a post about William not talking. I received some great advice and encouragement through comments, email and Facebook. I am very proud to report that the little fella has really been trying and it seems like overnight he has started running his mouth a whole lot. He sticks to simple things but I feel like it is progress. I learned something important during this time as well. His sisters are now back to school and volleyball each day so we are alone from about 7-6 daily. He has done so many things he never attempted when the girls were around. If he only tried to take one step he would be stopped by a very protective big sister shielding him from potential harm. Of course there is really nothing harmful around, they are just being loving big sisters but were ultimately hindering him. I am even guilty of it.

Since he is on his own during the day I have noticed a new little William. He communicates so much better. He zeros in on minute objects and points and says "tee" (see). He is learning his body parts. He is learning how to sit alone and play. If you ask him to do certain simple tasks he will do it. He claps and raises his hands in the air and says "YEEAAH!!" when he has done a good job and knows it. He's is an intelligent little boy. He is just taking his time in the speech department. Funny thing is what his favorite word is. When he wants to watch Yo Gabba Gabba on demand he grabs the remote and says "YOOO". It's too cute! I need to capture it on video but as soon as he sees the camera he won't do it. Y'all know how that can be! Thanks to everyone for their helpful insight. It means a lot!


  1. You go William you handsome little man, you may just be a man of little words and big actions nothing wrong with that

  2. That picture is too cute!
    Glad everything is going good. Jaimen stops Presley from doing little things too, like last Monday, she rolled over, I missed it. I was blow drying my hair, looked down and she was on her back :( Since I keep the camera next to me, put her on her belly and keep watch. Jaimen always lays right next to her. I know he is trying to be a good coach and cheer her on, but she can't roll over if someone is in the way :)

  3. I absolutely love that pic of William. Glad (but not surprised) to hear about his huge jumps in ability.

  4. Big sisters are notorious for being over protective. Nae was/is the same way with Zilla.

    Glad he's enjoying his time to be a little independent.

  5. I knew it. I think sometimes we as parents want our kids to be at a certain level. And when they aren't we trip. Then out of nowhere they are up to speed and more. In a minute, William will really be talking your ear off. LOL.

  6. What a little cutie! Can't beat that face he's making- love it!


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