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Aug 13, 2009

Nasty little habit

My sweet little son has developed a nasty little habit to go along with the numerous other icky habits that seem to be male gender related. He likes to stick his fingers in his mouth. I am sure you wonder what is so bad about that since it is very normal for little ones to do that. He likes to take both hands and stick as many fingers into his mouth as far in as he can get them. He does it until he makes gagging noises. He then laughs and does it over and over again. This is entertaining to him and disgusting to me. The other day I had just dressed him and we were both getting ready to walk out the door to a school function for his sister. He decides to put his hands in his mouth except this time it was a very nasty and stinky outcome. I had to run over to him immediately and strip all his clothes off and bathe him from head to toe. Good thing I am super mom and still made it out to the high school with time to spare. Wow, boys are some interesting little creatures. When I told Dwayne the story he laughed. Anyone surprised?


  1. LOL! I definitley understand little boys always find something crazy to do that makes more work for mommy and makes daddy laugh lol.

  2. That's not exclusive to boys! I'm still trying to get Arianna to stop doing that!

  3. Yuck...buys sure do strange things sometimes (make that all the time).

  4. No I am not surprised at all. Men are "different". Having said that Christopher and Alyssa used to do the same thing. It is a nasty habit.
    Your husband has such a sneaky look on his face in this photo hahaha

  5. I guess it's a thing with boys. I can remember my son doing that and my nephew also. I hated it.
    I now hate even more this WHY? phase we are going through. Everything I say is replied back with a why?

  6. Boogie's starting to do this, only he doesn't laugh afterwards, lol.

    - Sheena


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