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Questions for my parent friends

From time to time I come across things that are child related that I draw a blank on. I always resort to my blog parents to help me out. Here goes my first question. Have you experienced teeth grinding with your toddler? William has been doing that recently and it's not all the time but periodically throughout the day. It think he is mesmerized at the fact that he has teeth! Is there anything you can do about it? We usually take our hand and put it on his mouth and say "No! Don't do that" I'm not sure how well that's working. Any advice on this one?

My next one is that I suspect my kid has nasal allergies. He tends to sneeze a lot in the morning and evening hours. Do you have a toddler with allergies? If so how was it determined that they are in fact allergies? Does it require medication?

I know some of you wonder why I am asking you these questions and not the doctor. Well, his doctor thinks I need to fatten him up, others would swear he is two and quite big for his age. I just don't always trust everything the doc says. Thanks for taking the time to help me here!


  1. My 6 yr old grinds her teeth. It is so bad that the top 2 front are little nubs. I didn't realize she was doing it. The dentist asked her and she said she likes the way it feels. He said it's not too big of a deal unless she contiues to do it when her adult teeth come in. She has recently lost these baby teeth, so I simply told her she couldn't do it to her new teeth. we will see how well it does, otherwise she will have to wear a gaurd.

    Good luck, I really don't have any advice on how to get them not to do it.

  2. I would take William to the dentist or ask for a referral to an ear nose and throat specialist from your primary doctor.

    Grinding teeth is a very serious condition. It can weaken the enamel surface and cause habit forming activity that will be hard to break once he gets older.

    As far as your doctor trying to fatten him up....GARBAGE!


  3. Usually, kids don't develop allergies until they are two or older. Notice I said usually and not always. The reason they don't usually get them until 2 is they have to have a season or two of being exposed to the allergen. I second Tanyetta's suggestion about a referral.

  4. When they are young like William and grinding, it is okay, and completely normal. Jaimen used to do it too, and he eventually stopped. If you bring attention to it, I believe he will only do it more. Just ignore it and he should stop, otherwise ask the dentist if you start to worry.

    About allergies, you can have him tested for them, and some kids do get them as babies, but very rare.

    Good luck!!!

  5. I've never seen/heard my son grind his teeth, but our dentist says he does, but that it is probably at night and is connected with seasonal allergies. Ask your pediatrician if they think it needs to be dealt with.


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