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Keep out!

Today I went out to buy a couple of these:
I had to put a stop to this sneaky boy getting into anything and everything there is. I am not going to kid myself and think this will solve his curiosity. Maybe just keep him a bit more contained.
Look at him wondering what this thing is.

He just had to give it a taste test. Needless to say he made the barf face!

Then he decided to cry when he realized he was being kept out of trouble. Don't go feeling sorry for William especially you Tanyetta.

Oh and last thing, he called me dad the whole time. LOL!



  1. HAHAHAHAAAA!!! And you wonder why he's calling DADDY!

    The look on his face is PRICELESS! He is like WHAT??????? You can't be serious woman. This is just WRONG!

    I'm not worried about William because he's a GENIUS and he's going to figure out how to unlatch that bad boy in no time. Add that gate to the list of USELESS items to buy when you have a smart smart baby!

    I love it ;)

  2. Man oh man does William looked pissed. I bet he'll be climbing them soon.

  3. He is too cute! I am enjoying your blog.

  4. I dont feel sorry for him! He's got a partner right here in my house that gets "locked up" too! I try to give him a break but he just cant stay out of trouble!

  5. LOLOL...This is tooo funny! Great blog and I enjoyed my visit!


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