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Growing Green

**In recognition of Earth Day we opted not to post a Vent day video.

Yes and I said growing green... We have officially planted our organic garden! The folks at the Ismail house occasionally do things to encourage greener living ;) We, or I should say Dwayne has been composting for over a year now and he finally got to put all that "stuff" to good use. He made a 4x8 bed in our backyard and we also gathered every plant pot we could put our hands on. It took us a few days of back breaking work to complete this project and we are very optimistic about the results.

Here is Dwayne mixing all of his organic material and getting the bed ready for planting.
Here is the garden after we planted some veggies (yellow squash, cucumbers, and sweet banana peppers)

This is Dwayne's aloe plant. He's old school like that!

You know you have to have your herbs! I keep this by my door closest to my kitchen for easy access. (cilantro, basil and thyme)

We planted some Roma tomatoes, habanero peppers and both red and green bell peppers.

We also have quite a few pots with some petunias, impatiens and begonias all around the house.

We just wanted to share a few photos of the many things we planted. We went way over our initial budget, but hopefully we will get enough fresh produce to make it all worth the cost.

Have you planted a garden this year? If you have a green thumb and have any gardening advice, please share!!



  1. I live in the middle of a forest. Anything I plant is food for a variety of non-carnivorous animals. Therefore, there is no garden for me. My next residence will be far from all this nature! LOL!

  2. Haven't planted a garden, but plan to help mom one weekend.

    Plus I plan to build the boys a sandbox, so they can stop digging in her flowerbed in the back.

  3. the garden and the flowers are beautiful!!!
    but.... no blazing buffalo and ranch dorito tree


  4. Great start! I'm so excited about how my seeds are doing.

  5. Oh, I wish you could give me all the details. I want to plant a garden this summer.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. I want aloe in my garden! :P
    Although it tastes horrrrrible (trust me) it will cure any coming cold you've got coming on..

    But you know.. Holland.. cold.. snow and stuff.. no aloe for us, unnless it's indoors *lol*

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  7. I don't have a green thumb!

    I want some collahds though!


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