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Willie's birthday photos

I promised some birthday boy photos so here they are. William was a bit under the weather so he really was not smiling. As a matter of fact, I don't think I got even one shot with him smiling! Here's how his evening started. A nice nap...
His grandma (Shelly's mom) bought him this outfit.
Still no smiles. Not even a tongue shot as he is known for :P
Okay, there's a semi-smile :)
Here's Papo, the #1 cake inspector! William does not look very interested at all!
The smash cake. Would you believe not one speck of it got on his head?! He didn't even want to eat it.

Gotta have the paparazzi! Everyone was armed with a camera phone!



  1. Even without a smile, those are great pics.

  2. Oh, I hope he feels better soon. Jaimen was feeling great and hated his cake.
    I love the paparazi picture-classic.

    And even if he isn't smiling, he is so flipping adorable, it doesn't even matter.

  3. So sweet! Happy Birthday William!

  4. Oh his cheeks...his lips...his hair. He's a doll.
    That shot of the paparazzi is HYSTERICAL!!! (and with a cutie like that, understandable. :) )

    Happy Birthday, William!

  5. hmmmm ok the paparazzi photo is perfect!!! where was papo? one of the girls must have taken the photo

  6. So cute! Too bad he wasnt in the best of moods but still adorable!

  7. I came back to see him again :)

  8. I'm so proud my grand son turn 1 years old
    It was a joyous time.. So So cute.
    He came from Heaven.

  9. CRAZY how quick time flies! Could he be any cuter? LOVE that last pic! ha.

  10. He is just so adorable :) so glad he enjoyed his big day.

  11. Oh, I love the Paparazzi shot. William was so neat with his smash cake.

  12. I have to give him a SMOOCH! His hair is so purdy! More pics to put in my Willie folder! Our boys are growing up so fast *tear*


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