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Jan 28, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Enjoy this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday and remember to hit us up in the comments section with your vents.



  1. Save water drink beer-go green
    omg ya'll I look so forward to these vent day wednesday.

  2. Too funny. Our husbands are tooooooo much alike.

  3. yall are too funny! dwayne you know you are wrong for that "mother/son" bonding comment lol. just go ahead & admit that you don't want to wake up when you hear the baby crying. shelly... my hats off to you :)

  4. Junk Drawer--Where Jimmy Hoffa? LOL

    Drink Water, Save Beer!!

    Wait, Wait, he did NOT say he was giving you quality bonding time with William that's why he doesn't wake up! LOL

    I am done! I am done!

    Love it all the time!

    15 years! 15 years!

  5. He does it for the BOND

    I am waiting for this excuse from my husband when baby girl gets here. See with Jaimen, he was on Graveyard shift-lucky him huh?

    Fakers, pretend your sleeping, you hear it, get your ass up!

    I am gonna vent about this damn dog we are babysitting, that doesn't sleep. I finally got to sleep at 3:00am on the Couch!! Stupid Dog, ugh.

  6. Dwayne is a mess. He is too tickled at his Joimmy Hoffa joke.

    Don't feel bad I have 2 junk drawers. Everybody needs one.

    Drink Water, WASTE beer!!!! GO HEALTHY!! LOL!!!

  7. You guys are hysterical! Especially Dwayne - you have no sense my friend. LOL

  8. I'm back for another round!

    He has tears coming out of his eyes. He truly cracks himself up that's what makes it soooooo funny! LOL

    Love you guys!!!

  9. Jimmy Hoffa? Oh my goodness. Dwayne Dwayne Dwayne....Shelly, how do you put up with the craziness?!?!?!

    I have a vent: I hate it when my husband eats directly out of cans. It drives me insane and makes no sense.

  10. Do y'all know that Dwayne watches this stupid video and still laughs with tears in his eyes every time! He is just not right. lol!

  11. they the first one in the junk drawer when they need something, though...dwayne cracks himself up!

    happy love week, congrats


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