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Vent Day Wednesday... (Supposed to be the kick-off)

Okay, where do I start?? I am supposed to be posting a video for this first Vent Day Wednesday post. Where is the video you ask? Well, let's say freakin' technology has failed on me in the biggest ways possible! I am not on my actual computer because I am waiting on Time Warner to come out to check out my modem. *sighs* It really, really sucks not having an internet connection. I hate it when stupid technology gets in the way of completing a simple task. I don't like the fact that the City of Columbia is digging up the lot next to me. I am sure they will find a way to charge us for that. I don't like the fact that the brand spanking new computer I have has to get replaced and I have to wait fifty million years to get it back. Oh yeah and my Twitter account has been compromised and I can't even sign in. Technology really sucks this week in the Ismail house! Uh, okay now that I have vented (not in the way I wanted) it is your turn to vent. Please comment so I feel better that you are having a hard week too :P

***Note: I must have other things going wrong since I did not say one negative thing about Dwayne. I must be losing it for real!


  1. My only vent is to myself:
    Self, you know you need to get better organized! Stop waiting until the last minute to rush around and do things. Clean up that office, organize, you will get more done!

  2. Mad that I have to go home and do laundry. Should have never let it pile up over the holidays. But oh well, it was my vacatin and I deserved every bit of it.

  3. Husbands that think you dont have things to do so they bring more things for you to do

  4. Mad that my husband loved the name we had picked out and then strangely has since changed his mind completely. I told him I am putting it on the birth certificate either way.

    Mad that we keep getting stupid snow in massive amounts, only because my poor husbands back is already practically broken, and because the stupid plow driver that plows the school parking lot,(which sits on my bedroom) doesn't know how to plow so it takes him a freaking hour to plow the tiniest parking lot in history, then he comes back 30 minutes later. That was a really long sentence.

    Sorry about your technology issues... I hate technology.

  5. Oh he plows at 5 in the am.
    Stupid driver

  6. You know I have nothing to vent about this week. Are you surprised?

    Check me next week, I'm sure there's something in the works. LOL

    p.s. I'm so proud you were positive about my brother. Times are changing round der ;)


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