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Jan 5, 2009

I made my decision

I have made my decision as far as joining Sams Club. After posting about it and taking into account what you all had to say, (along with some local people I know) we have decided not to join. I think my #1 thing is wasting and having to spend such a hefty amount at one time. I feel like if I continue to purchase things on sale and combined with coupons, I will come out better. Also I will not have a membership fee, like Tanyetta said "Why should I have to spend money to save money". I am going to stick to my usual method except I will stock up on things more so I don't get to the point that I am running out of that item. I really appreciate everyone that took the time to comment. You really helped me make my final decision :)


  1. It sounds like you made a good decision. If you stock up at the grocery store, Walmart, etc. when they have good sales, you will be further ahead.

  2. Hey Sheliza, thanks for the comment on my blog- I am feeling good, really bad heartburn. So bad I puke sometimes. Sorry you probably didn't want to know. I can't believe its January 5th, I have 3 more months to wait! That's crazy.

  3. So glad it worked out. :)

    Check out moneysavingmom and couponmom the womes are PROFESSIONALS with breaking down savings, coupons and menu planning.

    I'm still wet behind the ears with all of it but, I'm always inspired to revamp my budget and to come up with ways to save and more!

  4. my job offers a membership discount to sams. I took advantage of it 1 year and never went there at all throughout that year. So it was a complete waste. I think the methods you stated will equal out or even safe you money in the long run.

  5. i seriously thought about sam's too. the job was getting 10% off membership for employees and i think we're getting one right down the street. but i visited a costco a couple of months ago and i was so OVERWHELMED! couldn't imagine shopping anywhere similar and buying those huge cases of stuff. good choice.


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