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Flashback Friday

This is a photo of my girls 9 years ago when they were 3 and 5. It was Chardie's first day of kindergarten. They were eating grits with cheese but when they were little they called it gritcheese. I was the nice mommy back in those days that cooked a hot breakfast lunch and dinner EVERY day. I used to put a towel over their clothes so if they accidentally spilled there would be no need to change. Now they make their own breakfast, lunch and help cook dinner. They wash and iron their own clothes, they rarely spill or make a mess, they don't need me as much. Okay, now I'm getting teary eyed! I guess they can't stay babies forever but they will forever be my babies :)


  1. I guess I can say I am now into the towel over clothes stage. He always gets fukky dresed then decides he ready to eat breakast.

    They were so darling, still look the same.

  2. *fukky* supposed to be fully. LOL

  3. Soooooooo sweet! They cook, clean and take care of themselves? I want them!!!

    They're still your babies. I REFUSE to let them grow up in my eyes :)

  4. Jaimen will be in a towel till he graduates. Even then I need to just take his shirt off all together. This morning he managed to get it all wet with cereal milk.

    I can't wait till he can make his own food, and iron his own clothes.
    Yes I can.
    But in some ways, I can't.

    Your girls are beautiful!

  5. Awe, Look at my babies... Little Shelly's.

    Hey Mom, you're doing an awesome job. The fact that they can do all those things by themselves is the proof of your great work.

    Keep up the great work of training our babies to live successful productive lives.

  6. Aaaaw...they are adorable!

  7. HOW CUTE. They grow up so fast don't they?

  8. I have to agree with Dwayne because your daughters can and do all these things for themselves is because of the example you have set.You are an awesome mom and you should stand proud.

    *ps I bet you took the picture of the girls and not Dwayne*

  9. They are adorable! Too cute. What a nice Flashback.

  10. Awww, they're so cute! And Briahnna's face! Look how precious! And no matter how old they get, your girls are going to need you, just in different ways. I'm 30 some odd years old going, "I miss my mommy" when I go a day without talking to her.

  11. It's such a joy to see my grandkids I'm so happy I move here
    from Miami. Nothing can ever take the place of the smiles on their face.

    Yes I'm a little bias because I'm their grandma, but you would be so amazed if you ever met them in person.

    They are Wonderful children,
    Smart, Beautiful, so Polite.

    Little adults I would say..

    Grandma Jobeanie


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