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Flashback Friday

This is me when I was 4 years old. I got this dress for Christmas and I thought it was the most amazing dress a girl could have. I wanted to wear it everyday, even to bed!
Here I am senior year in high school, age 17 and a whole 91 pounds!! Check out the white stocking and white flats. How exactly did that go with a Summer skorts/dress I will never know. I was rockin' the big hair too! Ah, 1991 was a good year!


  1. You look maaaaahhhhhvvvvvlllooouuuusssss

  2. look at the princes, best be glad the hubby sbatched u up before me - have a great weekend sister

  3. Whoa!! You went waaayyy back.

  4. LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look at you :)

    You still look sofakinghaute too :)

  5. Your a hotty!
    I love the dress, so cute! At least you got something you wanted and loved for x-mas. I keep telling my mom she ruined my life because one year all I wanted was a pair of Guess Jeans, didn't get them I was devistated, truly I cried for days. I joke, she knows I'm kidding, about the ruining my life thing. But I really was devistated, so funny.

  6. What a cute little kid...and, I think I have to hate you for being that thin in high school (just kidding). Even when I was skinny enough to see my hip bones, I was still over 130 lbs.

  7. All I can say about that second picture is woooooow! Girl I have got to have you.

  8. Those are some great throwback photos...I agree with everyone else, you look fabulous!!!

  9. You haven't changed a bit! OMG ROFL, you look like Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell in the second picture!


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