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Dec 30, 2008

Need advice

Hello all, today I am pondering the idea of joining a wholesale club for household items and groceries. We are looking at stretching our dollars more in 2009 and my hubby complains that I make too many trips to the grocery store and yet we still run out of things. I guess my part of the discussion is I am afraid of wasting by purchasing in bulk and also is it really cheaper?? It seems like I can go to the grocery store and spend over $100 and within a couple days you wonder where the hell it all went. I am still not convinced about paying a membership fee to purchase larger quantities. This is where you all come in. I need help to decide if it is wise to do this. Since we live in a smaller city, the only wholesale club we have is Sams Club. If you are a member with them would you recommend a membership? I need any input I can get to make the final decision. Thanks in advance :)


  1. We are members of a Sam's Club and have been for years. We probably shop there about once a month. Nonparishable items are great if you have the storage space and also meats can be bought in large quantities and separated into smaller portions when you get home and then put in the freezer. Milk is also cheaper and you can freeze it also. It works out pretty good for us. We have to drive an hour to shop there but we do it when we are going there anyway and plan for it.

  2. OK we have sams, we use it roughly every 3 months,its great for partys,holidays ect..... most of the time the quanitities are just to much for a family of 3-4 and stuff goes bad before we can eat it all, if the store is close, things like milk, fresh fruit and even meats are a good deal, for us its a 50/50 thing some good some not so good.Before you spend the money on a membership see if you can find someone who has a membership go with them and really look a the things you like to buy and see how much of price difference you see

  3. We have been members of Sam's Club forever and just love it. We do a lot of our Christmas shopping there. We also regularly buy things like Cascade, Kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, Ziploc bags.

    I definitely think you save money, but when buying in bulk like that each shopping trip adds up fast! It is hard to get out of there for under $200.

    Paula had a good idea to go with someone who has a membership to see if the things you would be buying are really that much better of a deal. I have not bought diapers there for awhile, but they are usually a good deal.

  4. I've never understood paying a yearly membership to 'save' money.

    I received a Costco card as a Christmas Present one year. I used it but, to be honest, I have NO self control, I found myself buying stuff we really didn't need and dang how much bootay we gone wipe with 19999999 rolls of bathroom tissue anyway?

    I'm not helping am I?


    Moving on.

    Hi YOU dern? ;)

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  6. Sams Club member here. We use it sometimes....but this is the first time in 2 years that we've renewed (because I usually just go with my parents and use their card) I like to buy fruit from there - it's the best I can get without going to a farmers market or something like that. Meats are good as well, but usually we just use it for big purchases (like tires, diapers, whatever we may need in bulk that's cheaper here than anywhere else). I think it's best to get a day pass (they offer those) so that you can check it out and then decide if you want to join. Take the whole family when you do go.


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