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It's Monday and I got ....NOTHING!

**Apologies ahead of time to you good parents that are big into saving the earth. I do care about the earth, I'm just human.**

I know this is an odd subject but I was wondering this: Do you use the kind of paper towels that are regular full-sized sheets or the select-a-size type sheets? I did a little test at home to see which ones would last longer. I have found that if I use a standard size roll it lasts about 3-4 days. The select-a-size roll lasts about 7-8 days. Most people don't like the select-a-size rolls but I LOVE them in my house. If we have the full-sized sheets I make the family rip it in half to begin with so they are used to the size (I know, cheap..oh well). I mean, why waste and entire sheet on something so tiny?

Which paper towels do you prefer full-size or select-a-size?

*I told you it was Monday and I had nothing!


  1. I am cracking up. I personally love the select a size. I agree- they last longer.

  2. select a size for sure!

  3. The full size. I am a wasteful soul. I would hate to get my carbon print.


  4. oh sadly I am REALLY bad at this whole "save the earth" thing. recycle? what? use less? what? how is the whole use less thing even possible? recycle i agree i should start doing but using less?? full em

  5. I love those select-a-size ones. That's the only kind my mom buys. I on the other hand buy the full size.

  6. I personally like the select-a-size also. I use it at home and I buy it for work too. When you work with men who don't care who pays for that kind of stuff, its a money saver.

    Funny Post..


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