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Being GREEN is so hard!

I am finding these days that being green is getting to be quite a challenge. We have changed almost all of our light bulbs to the curly ones (which are costly), we recycle everything, we try to reuse things in creative ways and we have even been composting. One neat thing I do is I tend to buy premium pasta sauces when they are on sale and I save the glass Mason jar and lid it came in. I use the jars when I make my homemade soups and chili to share with a sick friend, neighbor or relative. They appreciate you did something so nice and I don't get annoyed when I don't get my container back. (I have issues with when I give you food and you don't have the decency to return my container)
Okay, back to my story...

The other day I purchased some Clorox GreenWorks glass and surface cleaner. I have been very skeptical since it claims it is natural. Something about cleaning something that shows lemons, coconuts and oranges does not make me feel like I would be cleaning. I like how it works for the most part on surfaces like my range top, desk, and glass surfaces. I just don't like the fact that it does not smell clean. To me there is nothing like the strikingly fresh scent of pine that about slaps you in the face. I am sure most of you grew smelling that fragrance while mom was in the kitchen cleaning. Now I feel like things are clean when they smell clean. I am really trying to be as green as I can but I have to draw the line with my cleaning products. Please, to all the green mamas out there, don't go sending me any hate mail. I'm old school...I'm just sayin'...

If you really want to help save the environment then order one of these. =) (my shameless plug)


  1. If I don't pass out from the fumes, I don't think the house is clean!

    I'm the worst with returning containers.

    You just reminded me, I have a glass pyrex dish to return to a friend.

    Geez I'm sure she's prolly rolling her eyes about me too. LOL

  2. okay, I had a lot of things to say and then clicked your link and now the only thing I got is wha?! I'm jealous!

    okay wait... green... no talking crap here, you do way more than me!

  3. oh and the dishes... yep, never getting back my stuff really makes me mad... I reuse those glad containers that the lunchmeat comes in... know what I mean? pleastic, red lids... perfect for packing leftovers for lunch too.

  4. unless the overwhelming smell of pine doesnt linger for 24 hours the house aint clean here

  5. Seventh generation makes some products that are green and scented. You might like those better.

  6. I love being 'green' I use that product as well as many others, including green fertilizers, and bug killers, and weed killers for my yard, green carpet cleaners. I did unfortunately read in Consumer Reports (thanks to hubby) that the Clorox Greenworks works about as well as water when they tested it. I know. I am sorry. It makes me sooo sad too. I still use it just so I know that I am being enviromentally consious. I am avoiding actually finding out if all the other green products I clean with/use are doing any difference rather than plain water.

  7. Original Pine-Sol, yuck! I grew up smelling it and that's why I hate it now. I use the blue and purple kind! I'm still using my greenworks, but probably could be using vinegar and baking soda combos.


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