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Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when...

  • you are getting ready to cook or bake something and you realize you are all out of something important like flour, sugar or rice.
  • you catch yourself singing songs in the car off of Noggin/Nick Jr (preschool songs mind you). Can't get enough of those Blue's Clues.
  • you are ready to take a sip of your nicely chilled, been waiting to drink you all day wine or cocktail and you suddenly hear baby cries or whines. Beverage gets warm :(
  • you accidentally spill perfectly good adult beverage. What a waste!
  • one of your family members did not cover their food when they used the microwave and tried to do the quick wipe up instead of a full clean, and think I would not notice those nasty streaks.

Well that about does it for me, it's now your turn to gripe. You know you want to. Hit us up in the comments :)



  1. Hate whe nyou are already running late for work, and you still have to go back for something that was left

  2. I've got a doozy! When your husband will neatly and carefully stack all of the dirty dishes in one section of the sink and leave them to sit dirty for days instead of just putting the dang things into the dishwasher and turning it on? I'm just a little sour about that.

  3. You are right on with these "don't ya just hate its"!!!
    One I can add is;
    when the phone rings just as I'm dozing off!

  4. This was good. I hate it when I have to stay up late to get ready for work the next day and my husband is in bed sleeping and snoring.

    I also hate warm drinks.

  5. Don'tcha hate it when...

    You get ready for work and a button pops off and you don't have time to sew it or iron a new shirt or pants.

    You leave out earlier to catch the bus and the bus is over 30 minutes late. Yet, if you leave a few minutes late that same bus come early on another day.

    You are on your way to work and forget the lunch you made after ll pm the night before and you don't have any money for lunch.

    *That has been my week so far and those things happened in a two day period. LOL. *sigh*

  6. yeah i hate it too!


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