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Oct 8, 2008

Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when....
  • you get in the self checkout lane at the store (especially during the busier hours) and you get behind a "first timer" that not only does not know what she is doing, but dares to have like 20 items over the limit. Idiot.
  • you buy something today (open it up and use it) only to find it on clearance the next day.
  • you get all showered, dressed up, and pretty then your precious baby spits up all over you.
  • you neatly pack up a box for shipping to someone special and after you tape it up, you realize you forgot to put the card in the box.

Well, I want everyone too see that I did not use my Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday to trash talk my hubby. **Of course this has nothing to do with that FAT bonus check you have sitting in the bank that I am forbidden to touch even though it's calling my name

Now folks, it's your turn to let us know what drives you mad. Hit us up in the comments...



  1. Heh. My only don'tcha hate it has to do with needing to take sudafed to get rid of congestion that is killing me and turning into a horrid cold and not being able to keep food down, thus making the consumption of sudafed (and any other medicine) worthless since there's a 99.99% chance the sudafed won't stay down either. *sigh*

  2. When you constantly tell you child to pick up something and he goes on doing whatever as if he doesn't even hear you. Make me wanna do a wrestling move on him.

  3. I had all kinds of thoughts until I saw "fat bonus check you can't touch". WHA?! not fair. It will be killing me too.

    Yes, always pack up boxes before I put in return slip!

  4. Hello. This post was very good and true. You should put "Don'tcha hate it when there is a roach in your room but you are too scared too kill it." I would put that on my blog if I had one. It is very true. jUST AN IDEA! :)


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