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Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when... (Sheliza)

  • you get the opportunity to shop on another person's dime and can't find a single thing you want?
  • you go take take the last sip of your what was once steaming hot coffee and it's cold. UGH!
  • you have like a couple dozen blog stalkers that visit everyday, yet have never left a single comment?
  • the day you actually order fast food (cause you were craving those crispy fries) and you get home and guess what? No fries.
  • you try to sneak and get some crispy fries (because if the whole family knew you would end up spending like $30) and you still end up getting caught. Now I look like the bad mom.

Don'tcha hate it when....(Dwayne)

  • you need 5 more minutes of sleep and all you can hear is your wife yelling your name..Example "DWAYNE? - DWAYNE?! .. Get Up!!!"
  • after you don't get up, your wife strategically places coffee next to the bed and stirs the cup like it's an Olympic event.
  • your wife finally gives up trying to wake you up, and you think you can get 5 more minutes to sleep, and then the dog starts barking. (I think my wife taught him that). Y'all say it with me .. Now that's some BullS%#t!
  • your wife smiles when you say 'OK OK I'm up'.

Don'tcha hate it when.... (Sheliza)

  • your hubby thinks he can use hate it when Wednesdays to bash his perfect wife.
  • your dumb ass hubby has the nerve to complain that the coffee is cold by the time he finally gets out of the bed.

Alright, we better stop before things get too ugly around here. Y'all know what to do, hit us up in the comments...



  1. I love this!! The blog wars. LOL What got me is the trying to have fries and none were to be found. That is a "gotcha" moment for sure!

  2. When you finally get those fries spent the 30 on everyone elses stuff-go to eat them there fries and your youngest child looks at you with those eyes and says....mine are all gone can I have yours?

  3. Poor Dwayne! I feel your pain! Not a morning person at all! But remember she does it out of love. Now kiss and makeup. And bring the woman some french fries on the way home from work. *grin*

  4. LMAO!! This was a good one *smiles* I agree with you Sheliza, those stalkers need to leave it or scram! What's up with that. I have someone who seems to be holding my blog hostage for about 3 weeks straight now. Oh well!

    Dwayne, you are too funny about the waking you up thing. Someones gotta do it might as well be your beautiful wife!


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