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Do kids need a boost?

The other day I was at my kids' school when I noticed a student drinking a beverage out of a skinny can. The first think I thought was that it had to be an energy drink. Why would a 12 year old need one of those anyway? As it turns out a lot of the 12-17 age group drink these drinks just because they feel 'tired'. I personally think that if kids would get outside and be active and stay away from the computer, television and game consoles that their energy would not be depleted as badly. It is amazing how simple exercise, eating properly and taking vitamins can make a huge difference in the way you feel. I would never allow my children to drink these beverages because it is kind of like giving your kid a few cups of coffee a day and that can't be good.
Now Dwayne will occasionally drink part of an energy drink *Note: I said part of one because of the effects it has on his body and he is a big grown man! The only time he really does that is if he has to work a 12 hour day to accommodate meeting with clients or mentoring a child or if he has to go out of town by car. I have even had some a few times while on a road trip. It wreaks havoc on your body once it wears off! Whew!! Imagine people that can mix it with liquor?! YIKES!
Do you or would you let your 12-17 year old drink an energy drink? What are your thoughts?


  1. "Get your butt off the couch lazy kids."

    You mean to tell me kids are LESS energetic then when I was growing up? Nope, sorry, didn't need an energy drink back then, they don't need it now.

  2. No, we didn't drink them growing up, so neither should the kids now. We actually went outside and played. Not staing stuck up in the house watching TV or laying around.

  3. Ohhhh Helllll No, my now 18 yr old tried that energy drink crap on me when he was 16 and playing football came walking out the store like he was some kind of fool drinking that crap, I made him dump it out and then walk home i figured a mile walk would provide all the energy his body needed

  4. This is a BAD idea for kids. They should ban the kids from drinking them in the school. Wait, that's a joke, don't they sell junk food in the vending machines too?


  5. i dont think so but then again i got 11 acres and my kids outside all the time

  6. I don't like those enery drinks at all. I won't/don't drink them at all and neither will the children I gave birth to.

    * she screamed out to two kids who are staring at her like she is crazy.


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