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Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when...
You allow someone to view your photos and they feel the need to put their fingers all over them?
And when you are standing in line at a store to pay for your items and the person behind you feels the need to stand practically on top of you. Ever heard of personal space?
And when a person thinks it is okay to put their hands through your hair without permission? Again...personal space!
And last, when people drive badly while yapping away on their cell phone. Get a Bluetooth!
What bugs you?? Hit me up in the comments....


  1. Don't you hate it when

    *people just throw out random advice to you and you didn't even ask their opinion.

    *the cashier starts scanning your food before you've had the chance to put all your items on the belt. i like to stand in front of the register screen and make sure chick didn't scan my items twice or something crazy like that

    *your husband comes home early to surprise you with flowers and dinner and you're on the phone with your friend that lives in SC who just had a new baby boy and ya'll just chatting it up and the best part---you're still in your sweats and your hair is in a ratty bun.

    LOL----i'm done. i love hate it when wednesdays!

  2. Don't you hate it when:

    You're on the freeway and some joker is driving 20 miles and hour in front of you and you're blocked in and can't change lanes!

    When you've discovered that you've had lipstick on your teeth for a good part of the day.

    When you spend hours preparing a meal and one of your guests says, "Well, that was different."

  3. YAY, don'tcha hate it when is back!!! This makes me entirely too happy.

    ...when someone shows you something on the computer and keeps putting their fingers on the screen? Only, now you're not even listening to what they're saying because you can't stop thinking, get your frickin fingers of the screen?

    ...or when they decide to start construction on your ONLY route to work and they somehow think taking a major 5 lane highway into Chicago will be fine with just 2 lanes for the next 20 years while they have lunch in our orange vests on the side of the road and watch you inch by?

    Can you tell those two things happened to me just today already?

    LOVE hate it posts!

  4. when you are standing in line at a store to pay for your items and the person behind you feels the need to stand practically on top of you.

    Mannnnn, aint that the truth. Makes me want to turn around and let them know there's nothing cool about it.

  5. linked you on my page... I HAD to copy this post - it's always my favorite. It inspired me... HA

  6. I LOVE Wednesdays just so I can GRIPE!

    Thanks Shelly!!

  7. Don't you hate it when:

    - people with bad breath or anyone for that matter come right up in your face to talk.

    - people do 50 in the fast lane

    - the baggers at the grocery store put my fruits in the same bag with the seafood. UGH! You know I grab a bunch of bags and repack!

    I'll be back, the kids are making a mess

    Thanks for stopping by :-)

  8. Running the fingers through hair without permission, agh I got that A LOT before going natural, grrr. And now that I'm natural my mother feels the need to grab and tug my poofs lol.

    I hate it when...

    1. You're asked how much you paid for something and the other person's like oh you shoulda went to so and so's they have them for $--- or you shoulda told me, I could have hooked you up.

    2. You get comfy in bed, then your stomach starts growling.

    3. People do google searches for topics on blogs just so they can bash and leave. Ex: we mentioned co-sleeping in a post and received a comment saying "co sleeping causes SIDS" - umm did they even read the darn post? Obviously not because we discussed alternatives to cosleeping in bed by using cosleepers.

    4. You get bad gas in public. Then you have to hope you don't let any slip out while you're taking care of business or shopping because the smells so bad, you're even offended by it.

    5. You grab a box of cheese turnovers from Walmart and come time to eat them, they're full of chocolate filling and no apples but yet the box is labelled cheese turnovers.

  9. 5. I meant no cheese. My mind is on apples, lol.

  10. I think I have created some complaining monsters! Isn't it fun?

  11. when people ask you if your eyelashes are real, or if the checkout guy at Publix asks if you got your wedding ring in the gumball machine. I told him I just pulled it out of my ass.

  12. Bawhaaaaa! Ya'll are crackin' me up. Lawd-a-mercy!


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