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Hello, I know I have not been posting much lately. Been pretty busy doing NOTHING. Yes, that's right NOTHING. I know it sounds crazy but it has been just what I needed!! (Also it is orders from my hubby and children). Hey, if your spouse summons you to laying on the recliner all day eating bon bons and watching the soaps then who am I to object?!!! Hell, I will probably never get the opportunity to be a bum again so I am taking full advantage of it. I have my baby shower tomorrow so I will post photos of all the fun.


  1. Enjoy your time lounging!!! Take full advantage of it! I can't wait to see the pics of your shower too. :)

  2. I was just thinking about you!!!!! :)

    Take your time. Enjoy your quiet and restful days.

    Listen to your husband and kids. They know best.

    Hey! do you watch Y&R??


    Enjoy the festivities tomorrow. It's YOUR special day. Enjoy.

  3. no objecting here.

    Have a blast at your baby shower!

  4. stimbled on this page and felt like leaving a comment,

    so i say,

    congrats on the birth of ur baby
    happy a fun filled baby shower,


  5. Take full advantage of it because you're right, it will be a long time before you'll have days like these again :)


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