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Feb 27, 2008

Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when people call diapers "pampers" and baby formula "milk". What in the world?? Maybe it just bugs me because around my home I am referred to as the 'Grammar Queen'.

What bugs you?


  1. umm, I'm totally loving you're new don'cha hate it when posts... I love complaining!

    Yes, hello, pampers are a BRAND, not what the DIAPER is! I hear you on that one.

    And, as previously mentioned on my blog... don'tcha hate it when they call it pop? It's SODA people!

  2. I do agree, a friend fo mine from high school says Pampers instead of diapers, and that drives me crazy. I never say anything but inside I cringe everytime. I also hat it when people refer to every soft drink as a Coke!! AARRUUHGHGH!!


  3. Sheliza....I am one of those people! I will knock it off ASAP! Lol!

  4. Oh my, picky lol. Well I do say diapers lol, but I also call formula milk. What I hate is when people just ask you questions they know the answer to such as what time is it when they have a cell phone in their hand, a watch on their wrist, and a clock on the wall. Who called when they heard you say the person's name when you answered. Which direction when you are on a one way street. Or when some says huh when you are looking directly at them and you know they heard what you said. I usually do not respond and then when they repeat what I said I go huh just to add to the crazy effect.

  5. I hate that too when people refer to items as the BRAND.

    crayons = crayolas
    maxi pads = kotex
    tampons = tampex
    diapers = pampers
    tissue = kleenex
    glass cleaner = windex

    I can go on!

    Oh and btw, I say pop and couch. I'm not a soda and sofa sayer.

  6. I don't like it when "nappies" are referred to as "diapers". But that's maybe just a British thing. I'll get over it. Soon.

    A pet hate, though, is when people ask questions and yet lack the social decency or basic good manners to listen to and/or engage with the answer. Why would they ask a question - any question - in the first place? Doesn't make sense. These appalling manners are starting to infiltrate the blogosphere, too. Depressing.

    Plus, if someone answers a cell phone (without first apologising) whilst I'm talking with them in person, that's when I walk away. At the last count, I had no friends left. Bummer.

  7. I call diapers "diapies". And it's pop, not soda. But for the record I call it "carbonated beverage".

    My biggest pet peeve deals with improper conjugation. I'm not banning the word "ain't" but I do have issues with "I is" or "Is you." You get the idea.

  8. Did you know that I say adhesive bandage rather than Band Aid? Yeah right!

    I hate when my milk finishes and I still have more cookies in my hand.

  9. Ha! But cookies are biscuits, surely? Man, I'm going to give myself palpitations if I keep visiting these Wednesday therapy sessions of yours.

    I need to get out more.

    Kind regards etc....



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