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Things I miss most

Here is my list of things I miss most while being pregnant....
  1. Starbucks. I know the difference between decaf and regular so there is no tricking me.
  2. Aleve and Advil. Tylenol is like candy to me.
  3. Allegra D, I sure could use one right now!
  4. Beer and Margaritas...especially on date night at a sports bar.
  5. Complaining about my "fat" belly.
  6. Wearing normal clothing.
  7. Climbing stairs with ease.
  8. Playing (badly) volleyball, badminton, or basketball with the girls outside.
  9. Cutting grass. One of my twisted obsessions, I LOVE it!
  10. Lifting things without my family screaming at me for being hard headed.

Other than those things, I really am enjoying my pregnancy. I am enjoying the attention and care I get from even strangers in the stores. My husband has been showing a 'sensitive side' that he will deny in a minute! I feel pretty this time around. My family is spoiling me. I get many more foot and shoulder massages. I get to sit and watch nonsense on TV with my legs propped up while eating whatever I want at that time. I love getting phone calls from all my friends and family just to check on me (it means a lot).

I think I can handle pregnancy for a few more months! ;)



  1. A Persian acquaintance of mine told me of an old wives tail once. She said, you can tell if a woman is pregnant with a boy or girl. If she looks beautiful, it's a boy. If she's tired, hair is dry, and skin is greasy, she is pregnant with a girl. Boys leave their mother's beauty alone, while the girls take pieces of it for themselves.
    I think this was her subtle way of telling me that I looked like crap during my pregnancy!
    Enjoy the pregnancy now! Milk it for all it's worth. :)

  2. Enjoy your pregnancy!!!!!!! I am so happy everyone's spoiling you ;)

  3. I miss not having to run to the bathroom every 2 seconds! Liquids run right through me! Oh and getting in and out of bed normally, I have to roll over in intervals and scoot around, lol.

  4. I remember that when i was pregnant with my first kid, my husband spoilt me too....but not so much when i have my second one....maybe other mums with second or more kids can identify?

  5. Amen to #1 & 2! The decaf will have to do for now, but I had to get a script from my doctor for the pain. Tylenol is a joke.

  6. Amen to #1 & 2! The decaf will have to do for now, but I had to get a script from my doctor for the pain. Tylenol is a joke.


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