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Dec 17, 2007

6 months pregnant

Dwayne and I went to a holiday party at the Capital City Club here in Columbia. We had a beautiful night of fine dining and an incredible atmosphere. I would have posted photos of the club, but unfortunately my husband is not the best photographer! It was so nice going out all glammed up and feeling pretty. When I got home, my poor back and legs were aching!! I have not worn high heels in a while so I paid royally all weekend long. It was well worth it though!


  1. Great dress!!! You look great! I'm sorry you suffered for wearing heels though. Heels and pregnancy just don't go together.

  2. You are beautiful! Look at that boy bump! And leave ISH and his photography skills alone! LOL

    You know all he is in charge of is--taking care of you. He ain't in charge of photos at a club! LOL

    You know I love ya girl. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL.

    I'm stealing these photos!

  3. Wow, you look so gorgeous and thin! I love your belly pic - I can't believe it's already been 6 months!

  4. You look fantastic! What a beautiful pregnant Momma you make :)

  5. You are a beauty! Do share where you got your dress from!

  6. What a beautiful dress!! I know how it is to get all dressed up and pretty, go out and have a wonderful time, it just feels good. The photos say it all.

    You are glowing along just beautifully, Mommy :)

  7. You look beautiful!

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Wow! Don't you look beautiful!!!! Love the dress!!!

    1. You look so gorgeous and thin! I love your belly pic Niacin- I can't believe it's already been 6 months!

  9. I stand by my original comment. Ain't gone be too many more days of you cracking on my brother's photography skills. LOL

    You still look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

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