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I'm still here

I know I have been away from the blogging scene recently. I have been down with a cold for a little over a week now. Thankfully I am on the mend and I am starting to feel like my old energetic self again. We are also in the process of moving the girls into their new rooms. I did not realize what a big production it is turning out to be! It is difficult moving beds and furniture down a flight of very narrow and steep steps. Of course I am not lifting anything so the job is going very slowly. Those of you moms out there that know when you want something done you gain that super woman strength and get the job done! Well, I have to rely on being a supervisor this time :( I really do miss doing normal stuff, but have to admit that it is a little nice kicking my feet up and chillin' on the couch! I went to the doctor on Monday and he is thrilled with my progress. I gained 5 pounds in 4 weeks! I am still just all belly at this point so I will hang on to my regular clothes with hopes of getting back into them again.


  1. Can't wait to see their new room and the new changes! Great news about gaining weight and on the road to feeling better! Post some new belly shots! :)

  2. I know I'm going to be all belly. I'm going to need a b-buckle so that I can still fit my jeans, you should get one. We may be moving around May so I'll have to be the supervisor too, it's so hard. Yesterday I took out the trash, I couldn't help myself!

  3. I was beginning to wonder where you'd gotten off to!!!! It is great to be a supervisor, isn't it? :) When I was pregnant with Zoe, we moved into a bigger place. I remember I was frustrated that I couldn't move the furniture myself. I did decorate that place in one day flat though. Control freak....yes, I am!


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