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Nov 5, 2007

The results are in! (Part 1)

Today was the big day... the level 2 ultrasound. The one ultrasound that can possibly determine the gender of your baby. We all had minimal sleep last night because of the anxiety, but we were all there together and finally it was about to happen! Dwayne just had to snap a photo of me laying on the bed (stop making fun of my stretch marks!).

I know you're all wanting to it a girl or a boy? Watch the video to find out! Be sure to turn the speakers up!

After the numerous phone calls, emails and text messages, I was totally exhausted. My first son Milo climbed on top of me and we took a well deserved nap.



  1. Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i would say, i told you so but, that wouldn't be really nice of me huh? you know all bragging because i told you it was a boy. you know when we talk on the phone, i ask how my nephew's doing and you just laugh thinking i'm all crazy and stuff! LOL

    First of all, why did you and your family go down there to have a doctor hook you up to a machine and go through all those motions and stuff!

    haha....i am loving this!!!

    i told you the day you called and told me you were having a baby, what did i say? i said, it's a BOY! with a straight face. i didn't hesitate. i told you there wasn't a need for an ultrasound. i'm never wrong on these things. and most of all, i said, what else would you be having? it makes perfect sense. ;)

    I am doing the happy dance right now. You know that boy is going to show up and show out right? he is going to run the house. I can see him and daddy sitting on the couch with signs on their shirts, talking about BBC only! Girl, get ready it's going to be a mess up in there. Ish got his boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me go on ahead and get my long distance put on my house phone, i know we are going to talk more than ever now :)

    I love you girl. I am so happy for you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please!! post a video in the light of Ish doing cartwheels in the backyard when he found out it was a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you know that's gone be my baby too right. his name is DJ. i don't care what his birth certificate will say, he's baby DJ to me :)

  2. i am so happy!

    it's a boy and i'm dying over how the doctor had to point out how he knew it was a boy.

    in all his practice, he's never seen a girl with that hardware. LOL

    love it.

  3. We will have to get some shirts made for the bad boys club for real! or at least a onesie! You know daddy will think he is all that! It is going to be very interesting around here.

  4. HA!!! I was right, it's a boy!

  5. Congratulations on your baby boy!!!

  6. Congrats Sheliza! Your husband is TOOO funny, lol! leg, leg, thingy, lol!haaa!

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