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Great kids

Yesterday I spent most of my day running my mother-in-law around to doctor appointments and left the girls at home. They had a job... babysitting daddy! Well, daddy worked late the night before so he had to take a much needed nap. This made the job easier for my girls. Well, I do not have your average children. Do you know what they did while I was out? They cleaned the house! Not just picking up a few things but they actually cleaned the house. Everything from washing and packing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, picking up, cleaning their bathroom, sweeping, and laundry! I did not even ask them to do it. I asked if there was something they wanted and they said "no, we just thought we would help out". Those girls have really made my month. I am just so blessed to have them and appreciate the young ladies they are growing up to be. I am taking them today to a couple places to let them pick out a few trinkets for the thoughtfulness they showed me. Here is a photo I snapped of them. They are going to be great moms and wives one day. Maybe 30 years from now if you leave it up to daddy! I love my babies!


  1. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. What perfect daughter's you have! I am so happy and proud of the daughter's you've raised them to be.

    LOL at babysitting Daddy! They need more than trinkets for that job. hahaha......too funny!! i love it.

    You should be proud~:)

  2. Wow, can I borrow your daughters? Seriously, you deserve a mom-of-the-year award for having such thoughtful, sweet kids! When I have my own, I hope you will have written a book by then so I know how to have my kids turn out like yours!


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