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Jul 2, 2007

Cell Phones in public places

I had to take my mother-in-law to a Doctor appointment this morning to see her orthopedic surgeon. The waiting room was full of older people in general all speaking about their surgeries, aches, pains, and health problems. I sat there and just listened as I waited patiently. All of a sudden it got really quiet as everyone grew restless waiting. In walked a young guy dressed in hip-hop gear, bling bling and all. He sat down apparently to wait for someone he dropped off earlier. His cell phone rings in a catchy tune and he quickly silenced it. You should have seen the look on all the old ladies faces of sheer disgust. Then there was this very professionally dressed older gentleman that is retired from the military. Another bout of silence comes again and then here is goes....ring ring (cell phone). All the old ladies look over at the young guy when in fact it was the older very professional gentleman's phone that rang. He picks it up and starts having a personal conversation (very loudly at that). As soon as he hung up, it rang again and this time it was an old military buddy of his. Now folks, there were several signs posted around the waiting room that was entitled "Waiting Room Etiquette". Number one read something like this: "Please refrain from cell phone use since it is disruptive to other patients as well as a possible interference with medical equipment." Now this man sat there and bragged about how high he ranked in the Air Force and how many men were under his command, but did not take a moment in the hour and a half he was waiting to notice the sign that was right next to him! The interesting part is that the same old ladies that found the young guy annoying did not seem to have any problem with the old man blabbing away on the phone. It is really peculiar how people can judge someone by their appearance and not have a single clue about that person's behavior.


  1. What in the world? If ISH was there, he would have hung the phone up for ol' dude! LOL

    I can't stand catchy ringtones. I guess because i'm still rolling with my nokia from 3 years ago. haha...

  2. Cell phones should be banned in certain places and waiting rooms is high on the list. Some people are just too tacky.

  3. Its unfortunate that the old birds wouldn't give the young guy the benefit of the doubt. They likely allowed the old coot to blab and break the rules, out of "respect" for his age and authority.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. If you're cool with Tanyetta, "you aight wit me"

  4. Geesh. How nice of them to allow the older gentleman to get away with it. I'm sure if it had been the younger guy, they would have made a complaint. I wonder what he was thinking during this.


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