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The best bargain ever!

My sister bought me the best gift today and you would not believe the cost. For those of you that read my blog regularly, I am sure you have figured out that I LOVE coupons and freebies. Well, my sister was so sweet to get me a cute new coupon organizer from Walmart. Now this is not just your ordinary coupon organizer. The reason for that is because she paid only ten cents for it! Yes, you read correctly ten cents!! The nice plastic ones normally go for about 3-4 bucks. I was whoo hooing like a mad lady with excitement~!! As you can see I have already made the tabs for each section. My old coupon holder was pathetic so I needed an upgrade like you would not believe! Thank you so much to my wonderful sister and best pal!!



  1. She is a sweet sister! You're so organized. I need to organize my coupon holder. :)

    p.s. i got this message when i tried to get a free sample of toothpaste at walmart--
    We're Sorry!

    The free sample you have requested is sold out

    I suspect you ordered them all. LOL

    I love ya!!!!!!! :)

  2. I have something like that, that I throw recipes and receipts in, gotta love them! Only 10 cents, what a bargain!


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