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Sample Junkie- Another Free Sample

I could not resist sharing this one with all my friends. is offering a free Hallmark card sample! Check it out! I know you will get hooked on freebies (if you already aren't) and we can all gang up on my hubby! By the way, he was very happy to use the free sample bar of antibacterial soap I recently got. He denies he likes samples too! :) Everytime he bites into his morning toast he asks "Is this store bought bread or Free sample bread?" LOL!!!


  1. A great freebie find. Thank You for sharing!

    My latest has been coffeemate creamer and dog food.

  2. free sample bread. LOL

    i am hooked on the walmart samples. thank you for the tip.

  3. Thank you!!!! Please keep 'em coming!

  4. My wife and I use to go to Sam's Club on Sample Sunday's and taste all the free samples. It was so much fun.


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